Summer of 2009 gave the birth of putrid, Deathrashing beast, later called Poisoned…

The blasphemous seed was planted when Piotrek (bass/lead guitar), B.M. (rhythm guitar) and M.D. (drums) began rehearsing band`s very first compositions. Slowly, but deadly, everything started to take the shape of old-fashioned Death / Thrash, drawing influences from old, cult bands like (old) Slayer, Dark Angel, Possessed, Celtic Frost, Kreator and Sodom.

Soon, after a year of regular rehearsals, four songs of raw, fast and heavy Thrashing Metal of Death were ready to be recorded as band`s first demo tape called “Rising from Darkness”, which was finished between Autumn 2010 and Spring 2011. Right before the recording the line-up was completed by Dave W. on vocals. Autumn of 2011 saw the tape release of “Rising from Darkness” , done by united forces of Morbid Jehovah Records and Blood Monk Rite Productions.

In the meantime three new songs together with a cover version of Massacra`s “Ultimate Antichrist” were prepared for a future split album and recorded between Summer 2011 and early 2012. These songs show the new face of Poisoned – much faster, aggressive and more Thrashing than the first demo.  In spring 2014 they got released as a split CD with Black/Thrashing band Persecutor on Under the Tyrant`s Banner Productions in a limited edition of 500 hand numbered copies.

In the meantime – in early 2013 the rhythm guitarist B.M. left the band, which since then has operated as a trio with Dave handling the bass guitar during live shows.
Keeping up the working pace, the unholy Poisoned trinity started recording their first full length album, which was completed between spring and autumn 2014 and then mixed and mastered by the mastermind – guitarist Piotrek in winter – spring 2015. In May 2016 the album called “Behind the Gates of Fire” was released by Fallen Temple Records. The CD consists of nine tracks of raw, unholy and evil Death/Thrash including cover version of “Czarny anioĊ‚” (“Black Angel”), originally by old Polish  force Thrasher Death.

…and, as there is no rest for the wicked, the band is currently working hard upon recording new tracks deep down within the Poisoned dungeon walls… Thrash `till Death !!!

May 2016